Who we are


In 1987 Oro Catene Spa was founded in a land that has always been dedicated to goldsmith manufacture. Located in the heart of Arezzo, the company led by the Mafucci family has now become one of the most solid and concrete realities, both nationally and internationally, in the vast land of gold chain production.
Since its origins Oro Catene has set itself the goal of adhering to a few simple ideals: quality, speed, reliability and innovation that have their roots in that virtuous know-how, fertile heritage sedimented over time, which has allowed a steady growth . It is in this constant tension between the traditional “flavor” and the push towards the future that the company has created its own elasticity aimed at intercepting the needs and the orientations of the market without disregarding its own identity.
In its simplicity, the company boasts a solid organization based on the high competence of the staff along the entire production chain and a pragmatic vision of the demands, increasingly unpredictable and changeable, coming from outside. Always attentive to the satisfaction of its customers, the company from Arezzo has been able to grow “side by side”, establishing solid bonds based on trust and the pursuit of full satisfaction.
Oro Catene has been able to make the most of its work by becoming an historic and well established brand in both national and international territory.


The history of Oro Catene originates from the ashes of a historic company, the Loar, the 41 AR brand of which it inherits part of its current headquarters. The intuition of Gianfranco Mafucci, already in the goldsmith world for some years, proves correct and in 1987 he founded Oro Catene Spa.
Assisted by his wife Graziella, the new company immediately expands its horizons specializing in the production of gold chains destined not only to national markets.
Gradually inserted into the family working environment, today the rudder is firmly held in the hands of the son Luca, who has known not only to learn the craft handed down from his father, but to re-launch the company, strengthening its ties with its historical clients and expanding its roots more widespread abroad, towards more prosperous and receptive territories.

At the heart of the company, in its productive hub, there is another member of the Mafucci family who coordinates the massive daily work flow: the cousin Andrea, the right-hand man of the management.
In 2017 the company has turned 30: a really positive balance that puts Oro Catene Spa among the most proactive and concrete companies in this field of Arezzo’s jewellery. The constant growth of the company places the Mafucci family in front of new challenges in an increasingly complex and changeable environment. A challenge already accepted by a blazon like Oro Catene Spa.